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IRS Special Agents Cause Many Americans to Fear the Future

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IRS Special Agents Cause Many Americans to Fear the Future

There’s no agency with the ability to strike terror into the heart more than the IRS. Handling your tax claim is just one of the things the IRS does. They also have a Criminal Investigation Division that consists of special agents who are authorized to come after you if the IRS believes you’ve committed tax fraud. If one of the IRS’s special agents comes knocking on your door, there are some things you should do that can help you avoid prosecution.

First and foremost, every American should be educated on their rights and what IRS agents are legally allowed to say and do.

As special agents, the individuals who work for the IRS’s Criminal Investigation Division unit are allowed to carry a weapon, make an arrest, issue and conduct search warrants, seize assets, subpoena witnesses, and even start forfeiture proceedings. These agents represent the scary side of the IRS that you don’t want to cross.

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The IRS’s criminal investigation agents are just as highly trained as any FBI agent. They have honed skills that allow them to investigate and interview anyone who has come to the IRS’s attention. They are especially skilled at catching people unaware and tricking them into saying something that could be used to mount a case. Too often, people are so surprised to find one of these special agents at their front door that they answer questions that should be fielded by an experienced tax law attorney.

images6If the IRS knocks on your door, you should expect to encounter two agents. Prior to walking up to your door, they have already decided that one will ask questions while the other makes notes. They’ll seem very friendly and try to engage you in what might seem like a casual conversation. This early sense of friendship is a ploy to get you to answer questions without having a tax attorney by your side.

Budget reductions have made the IRS more determined than ever to make sure they get every dollar owed to them. If they decide that you’re one of the 217,000 tax payers who made a mistake on your tax form, and if the IRS decides that the mistake was fraudulent, you can expect them to come after you. When this happens, you need an outstanding IRS tax attorney in your corner.

If the IRS contacts you, choose your next move carefully. It’s in your best interest to take any contact information they provide and politely let them know that you’ll be getting in touch with your IRS tax attorney. The last thing you should even consider doing is answering their questions, as doing so could result in you saying something that could be used in a case the IRS files against you.

IRS Crime Investigation Division

While the courts state that you’re innocent until proven guilty, the special agents conducting IRS investigations don’t always uphold that belief. Don’t try to face a battle against the IRS on your own. Contact an experienced tax attorney to represent you and defend you in tax court.

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